BSN Panorama

BSN Working Groups

BSN is organized into 16 Working Groups / Thematic Sections representing the pool of experts reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of biotech to allow for greater networking / collaborative opportunities among researchers involved in those disciplines in Nigeria and the international community. The 16 Working Groups are led by experts in the related subject matter and include

(1) Dairy and Fermented foods,

(2) Microalgae and novel food sources,

(3) Medicinal and Underutilized Plants,

(4) Crop genetics, breeding and genomics,

(5) Animal genetics, breeding and genomics,

(6) Genetic Resources Conservation and Enhancement,

(7) Waste recycling, biofuels and environmental remediation,

(8) Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology,

(9) Omics and Bioinformatics,

(10) Biosafety, bioethics and legal issues in Biotechnology,

(11) Water Research,

(12) Medical Insect Biotechnology, Genomics and Molecular Genetics of pests,

(13) Biotechnology Policy Advocacy, Enlightenment and Public engagement with stakeholders / Policy makers,

(14) Biotechnology Education and Curriculum Development,

(15) Molecular Diagnostics and DNA Forensics, and

(16) Microbiomes and Microbial Biotechnology.

Members are urged to identify with working group(s) of interest and network freely with experts in their specific biotech field.

As highlighted by the 2nd BSN National President, Prof. Abubakar G. Lamorde (of blessed memory), in his Presidential address at the 5th Annual BSN Conference

The Vision of BSN is to be a world class Scientific Organization contributing to the development and practice of Biotechnology in Nigeria