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On behalf of the Board of Trustees (BoT) Chaired by Prof. Vincent A. Tenebe (FBSN), the National Executive Council (NEC) and the entire members of the BSN, I warmly welcome you to the BSN website. BSN is a non-profit organization founded on 11 August, 1981 at the University of Jos and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria.

 According to Prof. Chiweyite Ejike, Ph.D. Experimental Zoology (Pioneer BSN President, August 1981 – May, 1987), the University of Jos and its environs provided a conducive atmosphere for the founding of the Society at the Faculty of Natural Sciences courtesy of a pool of very brilliant and active applied biologists co-existing with other applied natural, medical and veterinary Scientists. The arrow-head in the bold-step of founding BSN is the very cerebral botanist - Professor Chikezie Innocent Chukwubuike Ogbonna, Ph.D., when he was appointed the Coordinator of the West African Regional Branch of the International Biodeterioration Society based in the United Kingdom. Then Dr. Ogbonna had just returned from the UK upon completion of his doctorate under Professors P. J. E. Pugh and H. O. W. Eggins (both world-renowned biotechnologists, who greatly supported the Society during its formative years); and his zeal and brilliant ideas under the visionary leadership of Prof. Chiweyite Ejike, then Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences (who later became the Pioneer BSN President) and the pool of highly enthusiastic experts from several Nigerian Universities and research Institutes saw to the formation of Society. Over the nearly four decades of its formation, BSN has grown by leaps and bounds as a foremost Scientific Society of biotechnologists in Nigeria, and the membership strength is steadily growing – thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of biotechnology.

As highlighted by the 2nd BSN National President, Prof. Abubakar G. Lamorde (of blessed memory), in his Presidential address at the 5th Annual BSN Conference held at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, 27 – 30th November 1989),  what distinguishes BSN from other societies is its philosophy of providing a forum for all biological scientists and all the related subject matter specialists to come together, exchange ideas on matters of national interest and formulate ways of contributing its quota in an integrated manner to help the nation move in the right direction economically. As the key element in all biotechnological processes is the use of living organisms (and their derivatives thereof) – in different biotechnological applications involving several sectors such as food and agriculture, fermentation technologies, environmental remediation, health care delivery, etc, all life scientists and industrial sectors influenced by biotechnology are welcome to play an active role in BSN.

In line with this philosophy, the aims of BSN are, to (1) promote cooperation   on biotechnological advancement in Nigeria and the international community, (2) promote  discussion   on all    aspects   of biotechnological development   within   the research institutes, Universities,   Government Agencies, Industries and  related   organizations, (3) help      on      the      development    of   current biotechnological models which will solve current and future problems within the Nigeria society, (5)  work   to promote safe and sustainable biotechnology in Nigeria, (5)    promote Biotechnology Education at both secondary and tertiary levels, (6)  be  the vanguard of biotechnology advocacy, policy formulation and regulation in Nigeria, and (7)  Perform other functions which at any point will enhance the interest of the Biotechnology Society of Nigeria (BSN)

To achieve the above-stated aims, the Society undertakes the functions of (1) encouraging the exchange of ideas among scientists of  different  disciplines on the concept    and  application of biotechnology through meetings such as conferences, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, public lectures, publications, etc; (2) producing the Nigerian Journal of Biotechnology – a biannual journal published since 1983, proceedings of conferences/symposia/workshops and other scientific publications; (3) advising Government and organizations about biotechnology issues. Thus, Society is highly recognized as an independent body of experts by academic Societies and the Government; and serves as a Statutory Member of the Governing Boards of the National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) and the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA). The Society will continue to play its professional role in the Board Governance of these Agencies as provided in the establishing ACT. BSN is always very pleased as a highly committed Professional Society to render patriotic service to our dear country, Nigeria, and the international community whenever called upon.

BSN is organized into 16 Working Groups / Thematic Sections representing the pool of experts reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of biotech to allow for greater networking / collaborative opportunities among researchers involved in those disciplines in Nigeria and the international community. The 16 Working Groups are led by experts in the related subject matter and include (1) Dairy and Fermented foods, (2) Microalgae and novel food sources, (3) Medicinal and Underutilized Plants, (4) Crop genetics, breeding and genomics, (5) Animal genetics, breeding and genomics, (6) Genetic Resources Conservation and Enhancement, (7) Waste recycling, biofuels and environmental remediation, (8) Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, (9) Omics and Bioinformatics, (10) Biosafety, bioethics and legal issues in Biotechnology, (11) Water Research, (12) Medical Insect Biotechnology, Genomics and Molecular Genetics of pests, (13) Biotechnology Policy Advocacy, Enlightenment and Public engagement with stakeholders / Policy makers, (14) Biotechnology Education and Curriculum Development, (15) Molecular Diagnostics and DNA Forensics, and (16) Microbiomes and Microbial Biotechnology. Members are urged to identify with working group(s) of interest and network freely with experts in their specific biotech field.

At the 31st Conference of the Society held at Covenant University, Ota (5 – 9th August, 2018), the Zonal chapters of BSN were formally organized to enable a wider zonal reach across the six (6) geo-political zones of Nigeria towards the full actualization of the aims and objectives of the Society (in line with Article 7 of the BSN constitution). It has indeed been very pleasing to note the several vibrant activities (Symposia and Workshops) going on at the zonal levels. I congratulate the great leadership of the zonal chapters (South-South, South-West, South-East, North-Central, North-East and North-West) and the Working Groups, and urge them to continue waxing stronger to enable all stakeholders (especially those at the grassroots) to be involved in BSN activities throughout Nigeria.

Furthermore, BSN is pleased to have a strong undergraduate and post-graduate students’ presence nation-wide; and we particularly salute the Biotechnology Students Society of Nigeria (BSSN). The BSSN is a very vibrant student wing that has always featured prominently in the activities of the society including a rigorous debate and quiz competition on contemporary biotech issues during the main annual BSN conferences. We are indeed very proud of our large number of great Nigerian youths who have continued to provide much strength and hope for the future of BSN.

The 32nd Annual Conference of the Society with the team “Biotechnology to Enhance Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)” was held at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, on 18 – 22nd August, 2018.

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Benjamin Ewa Ubi, Ph.D.

Professor, Plant Breeding & Biotechnology

BSN National President (August 2016 – date)


Email: benubi@bsn.ng

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Past Presidents of BSN

As highlighted by the 2nd BSN National President, Prof. Abubakar G. Lamorde (of blessed memory), in his Presidential address at the 5th Annual BSN Conference

The Vision of BSN is to be a world class Scientific Organization contributing to the development and practice of Biotechnology in Nigeria